2019 Skin Party Fiano

2019 Skin Party Fiano


Tens of thousands of Fiano whole berries writhe together with zillions of partying yeasties for two weeks in an open fermenter. No intervention except for occasionally stirring the pot and provoking another orgy of fermentation. No fining.

  • Vineyard and Winemaking info

    Two tonnes of Fiano from a vineyard in the Northern and high-altitude region of Seaview in McLaren Vale. The grapes were harvested with a selective harvester and tipped straight into an open fermenter as whole berries. Fermentation was allowed to occur naturally and then later over seeded with aromatic yeast. The ferment sizzled away slowly until dry, approx. 2 weeks, when it was pressed to seasoned Hogs Heads. No fining or filtration, hand bottled after 3 months maturation.

    11.5% Alc/Vol

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